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olid particulate material (TPU) after expansion into thousands of small energy capsules to make sneaker's mid-sole. Due to the uniqueness of the structure, each capsule can effectively accumulate and release energy at each step. For ordinary consumers, the meaning of these words may not be understood, but for people who make shoes, "TPU foams "It really be revolutionary. Because in the traditional shoe-making process, TPU is not foaming. See this if you do not understand the shoe, you may feel more dizzy.

In short, TPU you should know what is right? Through basketball shoes all know, generally used in the mid-sole, responsible for support. The so-called foam, is to make him swell variant.

Think about it, make the so-so hard TPU into Boost so soft mid-sole? Amazing? Amazing magical, to say that simple is not complicated, I try to say that easy to understand.

The so-called "TPU foam", in fact, is like popcorn, pelleted TPU (that is, the press release solid particulate material), you think of these particles into a grain of old corn. And then thrown into a machine, the machine is similar to popcorn machine, and then high temperature and pressure, the corn into popcorn, the popcorn is Boost.

Of course, to see this, you have to ask, what happens in the popcorn machine? What kind of temperature pressure and additives are needed to make the corn popcorn? This is actually the foaming process of the TPU. Do not understand, because I myself do not quite understand, this is a chemical problem.

We as ordinary consumers, there is no need to understand so much, anyway, you know that Boost probably come here, just fine. Finished the principle of Boost, talk about his feeling of wearing, soft ... very soft .... very very soft ....... On the hand or foot, Boost are very, very soft, resilient is certainly unparalleled.

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Tuesday 14th November 2017

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